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Hair transplants used to look like wigs rather than natural hair. Nowadays, hair grafting technics improved, and results have become extraordinary. Grafted hair is now very natural-looking.

Turkey is now the best country in the world for hair transplants.



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Grafts calculator for hair transplant

A 3 step way to determine how many grafts you need:

ראשית, לחצו על האזור שבו תרצו את צמיחת השיער:

  • 1) Click on the area to transplant.
  • 2) Slide to the desired density.
  • 3) Click on "calculate" to see the result.

Your needs may vary depending on your head size and the nature of your hair.

Full baldness Thin filling of the area Filling at maximum density
Which is made possible by hair transplantation

Hair Turkey

Why hair transplant? DHI

Most men are concerned about baldness at a point in their lives. Hair loss happens sooner or later in a man’s life, primarily because of hormonal causes: androgen, a male hormone working together with testosterone, is to blame. Some women, often after menopause or because of hormonal imbalance, experience hair loss too. For both men and women, losing hair is often a traumatic experience.

The best solution for patients experiencing hair loss is a hair transplant. Unlike drug treatments for hair loss, hair transplant does not have harmful side effects if performed correctly, and the results are durable.

A short history of hair transplant

The history of hair transplants began in 1897 with Menahem Hodara grafting hairs on a favus scar. Transplant technics improved. In 1930’s Japan, surgeons were able to graft hairs to repair bald spots of eyebrows and lashes. At the time, they were not able to treat baldness yet.

In the 1950s in New York, a dermatologist named Norman Orentreich proved the popular belief about hair transplant in bald men was wrong: no, grafted hair does not fall. Orentreich proved grafts were “donor dominant.” This discovery was a significant advance in baldness treatment.


Walter P. Unger then established the “Safe Donor Zone,” knowing the most permanent hair follicles. These parameters are still the core concept of modern hair transplants today.

The issue was then to graft the minor patches of hairs as possible to avoid unnatural results. In the 1980s, FUT (follicular unit transplant) technic emerged. This technic was better than the previous one but left significant scars on the back of the head.

In the 2000s, the FUE technic became popular, with its advantage of not letting any visible scars. As hair transplant technics continued to evolve, DHI offered the same advantages as FUE, adding a better volume and a more natural-looking result.



DHI Choi



How does hair transplant work?

The concept of hair transplant deals with a simple observation: some hair falls while others don’t. Why? Simply because of differences in hair’s genetic codes: some hair is sensitive to androgen while others do not. In men, this sensitiveness to androgen depends on hair localization. Androgen affects hair on the top of the head, not the crown (side of the head). This delimitation is less clear on women; androgenic baldness on females causes less density in the whole hair, not a bald area like in males.

Doctors extract grafts from the area, androgen does not impact and implant them on the bald spots. The results are durable because the grafts’ genetic code does not make them sensitive to androgen. It exists several hair transplant technics. Some are outdated, such as FUT. Nowadays, hair transplant clinics use FUE and DHI technics. The main difference between DHI and FUE is graft implantation. While FUE involves tiny incisions to implant the grafts, DHI uses a unique tool to implant the grafts directly into the skin.

DHI hair transplant in Turkey

DHI is the best hair transplant technic available: it offers volume and a natural-looking result. DHI stands for Direct Hair Transplant. This technic is non-invasive and does not leave any scars.


While most of the hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), a soon outdated technic, still very used because it requires less skilled professionals than the DHI technics, it is more lucrative for clinics.


Unlike FUE, DHI can be performed only by skilled and experienced professionals. DHI is the specialty of Dr. Kinyas Dusnmez and his team.

How to get a hair transplant in Turkey?

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Please send us pictures according to the pictures angle guidelines to get your hair checkup!

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How do you take pictures to get a hair checkup?

To establish a hair checkup, the doctor needs pictures of the bald spots and the back of the head, where he will harvest the grafts.

Please follow the guidelines carefully while taking pictures.

Hair Turkey, small price, VIP service!

With Hair Turkey, your hair transplant in Turkey is going to be a memorable experience. While many clinics are more concerned about making profits than by the well-being of their patients, Hair Turkey focuses on two simple things: high-quality hair DHI hair transplant and VIP service for all guests.


Hair Turkey is proud of offering an all-inclusive package:

  • High-quality DHI hair transplant performed by Dr. Kinyas Dusnmez.
  • Five stars hotel accommodation for all guests.
  • Our package includes all transfers between the airport, the hotel, and the clinic.
  • English-speaking customer support at all times.
  • Our surgery procedure always includes sedation for the patient’s comfort.


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